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MacKENZIE’s Dragonsnest

Has been nominated for a “Thought Provoking Blog Award”

by http://thesecretkeeper.net/

Thank you for this, Secret Keeper. I am honored.

The rules of the award are as follows :

1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a blog about it.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to five blogs you enjoy.

4. Post the image on your blog.

My 7 shares:

1)      I believe in Dragons. I really do. This is not just a matter of literary conceit, it something I have known in my bones since I was knee-high to a Pisuhänd. And I dare anyone to say otherwise.

2)     Alone time is essential to me. Without it—even without time away from all the critters—I get stressed beyond words.

3)     Ritual is very important to me, be it high or low, spiritual or mundane. My morning bowl of almond-milk coffee is as important as regular communing with cosmic forces.

4)     I believe cats are four-footed divinities—and chinchillas are the breath of the mystical made furry.

5)     I write every day. It may not be much, it may not be good, but I write none the less.

6)     I am more afraid of success than failure. I have been familiar with the latter—the former is new and uncertain territory.

7)     Even though I hate to fly (except by Dragon), these are the top 5 places to experience on my bucket list (going to have to find a way to go by ship and/or train):

  1. Palenque: Chitzen Itza is too touristy, as is Machu Picchu (though if I gave myself more than 5, they would definitely make the list.).
  2. Ephesus and Lesbos—hell, let’s go for a year exploring the Aegean Islands. (I’ve heard there was a Dragon from the Dardanelles who hunkered down on the isle of Drakonisi during the Dark Times. Love to visit her haunts.)
  3. Tibet: to set eyes upon the Potala, inhale the winds off the Roof of the World, and cavort with the Dragons from the Himalayan Quad.
  4. The Serengeti—Oh, let’s just take another year or two and explore Africa. So many places, so much to see. The slopes of Kilimanjaro, the deep ergs of the Sahara and the Kalahai…and the deep jungle of the equatorial regions….
  5. A tossup between the Outer Hebrides and the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The first is a familial thing. New Zealand is a Xena/LOTR thing. And as I come to the end of this, I realize 5 places are far too few, but we all must have our limits, especially in the blogosphere.