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A Writer’s Gift

By Shawn MacKenzie

Excuses for gift giving proliferate today like mice on fertility drugs. Whether birthdays or unbirthdays, showers for babies, weddings, engagements (not necessarily in that order), or the ever familiar Chanukah, Yuletide, and Dragon Day (ok, I made that one up but urge you to celebrate it regularly and with flair), these occasions place increasing demands on our imaginations and our purses.

Now, when I was growing up, I thought my parents had this whole gifting thing figured out. They’re potters, you see, and so could select a vase or unomi, a teapot or fluted jar filled with homemade marmalade (my meager contribution to the fun, tweaked and perfected through the years), wrap in a piece of madras tissue paper and, voila!…. Each piece was lovingly made and personally chosen—each was a gift from the heart.

This was the tradition with which I was…

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