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It’s been two weeks to the day since Poe, Scout, and Carter came into the world.

Day One

And in those two weeks they have gone through various names (as is the wont with little ones), been relocated by Mom Gatsby (off of my bed to behind Marge’s chair in the living room – thank you, Goddess!), and grown by leaps and furry bounds.

The youngest, Carter, may be small but she’s the trailblazer in terms of maturing. Her eyes started opening on the 28th and were wide by the 30th. Scout, the little black girl, was in fast pursuit, with Poe bringing up the rear in the developmental department, clear eyed by the 2nd. (Well, they do say boys are late bloomers, that could explain it.)

So, here are the kids, as of April 5th, night of the Super Moon. And, if Gatsby and the video gods allow, I’ll post some moving pics soon.  Enjoy them. We certainly do.

Carter getting a bath.

Carter and Poe

 Poe-Paws – sitting pretty,

Little Scout.

The tribble trio!

Now, if only the Gatsby Terrorist will back off and let Siggy, Soyer, and Schroeder come back downstairs!

The Gatsby Terrorist!

Still, can’t blame her when she’s protecting this: