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Serendipity is not a word I am prone to using. Actually, I think it was ruined for me by Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack back in 2001, but my general disdain for most modern romantic comedies is not the subject here.

Here I am talking about that inexplicable confluence of events which, in today’s case, led me to an answer I’ve been looking for, quite literally, for years.

Long ago, I was writing a book about Unicorns. In my research, I came across a marvelous painting on the Inter-webs, which was listed only as “Dark Forest.”

Dark Forest

I spent hours on and off through the years trying to find out who painted this remarkably singular image of a Unicorn, to no avail.

Then today…out of the blue…

I was doing a little X-word editing and, in the quest of an interesting clue, was researching the Garden of Eden on the Internet. And there, on Wikipedia of all places, was this marvelous painting by a 16th-century Germain painter, Lucas Cranach der Altere.

Not the painting one would expect to be used to illustrate such an iconic place, but I was not disappointed. There in the the lower right of this layered Paradise, apres la chute, are the wild and wondrous beings of the Dark Forest. In one serendipitous moment, a quest, long-tucked to the back of my mind, came to a glorious end. (Though, personally, I wonder why there are no Dragons in Eden.)

How has chance, happenstance, mere accident–serendipity–impacted your lives? Love to hear from you all….