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It was a dark and stormy night. The dark side of the moon was mooning us from on high, not that we could notice with all the clouds. Still, we need the rain, so no complaints.

Gatsby, in her inimitable wisdom decided it was the perfect time to have her kittens. What a shock! (Personally, I didn’ expect them until May Day.)

Around 9:00 she started pacing about, talking like crazy, and checking out the space under the recliner (a space I blocked off as soon as she came out; didn’t want her having kittens in an inaccessible space)… I dug out the Home Veterinarian book to get some idea whether or not I would be getting any sleep. Finally, I figured I might as well try to get a couple of hours rest–Gats would wake me when the time came.

Not only did she wake me, she decided to have the little ones on my bed. Bless her furry little heart.

This drove all thoughts of sleep right out of my head. I made her a bed and sat up, calming her, talking to her, timing contractions.

With a blood-curdling yowl, the first kitten started making his (I’m not sure the sex of the kids yet so my pronouns are arbitrary) way into the world just before midnight–arriving wet and squirmy at 11:57 p.m. Gatsby went to work, cleaning him up, cleaning herself up. A little ginger tiger kitten! Number 2 arrived about 40 minutes later, pitch black and bigger than #1. Then, a bit past 1:00 came #3, another ginger tiger, smaller, a bit darker. We sat with her until after 2, waiting. The trio was eating and content, and we could sense no one else in her womb. Gatsby’s work seemed done.

I drifted off to sleep…only discovering in the morning that there was a fourth kitten, stillborn sometime in the early hours….

Mom and threesome are doing well–though Gats has turned into a postpartum tyrant, going out of her way to harass the other cats, even when they’re far from the kids. With luck this is just fierce maternal instincts kicked into hormonal over-drive and will pass soon.

So…the Great Gatsby Kitten Pool has come to an end. Congratulations to the winner, Niamh, who will be receiving her copy of Dragon Keeper’s Handbook post-haste.

And thank you to everyone who joined in and has been following the Gatsby kitten drama. There will be future updates as they grow–after all, what’s cuter than a wee kitten. Except a wee dragonlet.

Happy B’Earth Day!