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This is Gatsby.

Gatsby: 3/27/12

She was dumped over a friend’s garden fence the last Sunday in March, a cold, wet, frightened little girl. A week of good food and her being pregnant was more than a possibility, it was a near certainty. A visit to the vet, and we knew it a waiting game was about to begin.
In the spirit of good fun, supporting animals, and promoting the reading of good books, I am creating a Gatsby Kitten Pool.  Pick a date of birth and number of kittens and leave it in a comment here. (not on Facebook, please).The person who comes closest to actual birth date & litter size, wins a signed copy of my book, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook. I will update the calendar daily and let you know if your pick is already taken, so you can try again. In the case of Gatsby going into labor before midnight but the kittens are not all born until the next day, the date of last kitten born will be the determining factor.
The current pictures were taken April 15th, to give you some idea of her size.

Gatsby: 4/15/12

Gatsby: 4/15/12

And I can also tell you that she’s eating like a little pony and there is  serious kitty kicking going on.

Check here to see calendar updates and new daily pics.