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Happy Solstice Everyone!

Contrary to what Doomsdayers were predicting, the world did not end yesterday, and tonight the Hogfather will make his ride and usher in Winter’s demise!

(Those of you unfamiliar with the Hogfather and the traditions of Hogswatch, I urge you to go to the library and check out Terry Pratchett’s wickedly delightful tale or, if you prefer your holiday fare visual, check it out on DVD.)

Cause for celebration across the Universe!

For those of you who only have time for small, savory mouthfuls of festive reading, a suitably brief shout-out today to Holiday Week over at Karen S. Elliott’s blog. A diverse group of stories and memoirs will be appearing from December 20th thru the 27th, with my own Solstice Carol appearing on Boxing Day (December 26). Hope you will check out these delightful literary gifts and enjoy.