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An early blush of winter rimes the mountains and the cats are draped about the kitchen in anticipation of turkey morsels to come. (I went vegetarian one year and the cats never forgave me! They let me know in no uncertain terms that it is not kosher to impose our dietary choices on our carnivorous family members. I mean, really!)

And this year, in the cool of November – a time notorious in this house for losing furry companions – I am particularly thankful to be able to share as much turkey as she wants with our dear Spootiepaws.

Miss Spootiepaws

She’s our oldest cat and has had a very rough time of it lately. But she is still here – and wolfed down a whole can of tuna this morning just to put an party hat on the point!

The Kitten Spoots 15 years ago.

And so, today, I am grateful for all the years shared with her and all the others members of the family: cats Sanji, Sigmund, Schroeder, Spike, and Soyer; Saki (the parrot – even if she’d rather bite me than not); Sagan and Sundance (the chinchillas); Max (the rat); and Bubble and Squeak (the degus). I will slice the felines some turkey, give the chins an extra raisin, the degus a bit of carrot. Max and Saki will take to the stuffing, I’m sure.

From my family to yours, wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. May your feasts be savory, your conversations lively, and your hearts full.