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It’s Take Your Dragon to Work Day!


For those of you for whom this is your first time venturing into the world of labor with your draconic companion a few things to remember:

  1. 1) Check with your employer first. This is Common Sense 101 – and a piece of cake if you’re self-employed – but you would be surprised how many overly enthusiastic Dragon keepers forget to ask the boss. In thise age of economic fragility, you don’t want to court a pink slip for any reason, especially if said reason is so easily avoidable. On the plus side, the growing acceptance of Dragons in daily life has led to far fewer dismissals in recent years. Still, better safe than sorry.
  2. 2) Casual is best. One of the reasons TYDTW Day is on Friday is the increasing acceptance of Fridays as a dress-down time. It is far easier for one and all being around Dragons in jeans than Armani. Not to mention easier on the pocketbook.
  3. 3) Make sure the day is fun for one and all. Remember, you and your Dragon are ambassadors to the world at large. Be considerate of your co-workers who may be either unfamiliar with Dragons or outright dracophobic. Awareness and sensitivity of others’ Dragon issues makes for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.


So, put on your khakis, pack an extra (big) bag lunch, and go have a blast. You may never want to go to work Dragonless again!