Falkor’s Day!

Dragons are ancient beings. With this in mind, it is only fitting, as we honor them, to look to the old calendars—the old festivals—for inspiration. In that spirit, we embrace the day of the goddess Felicitas, and celebrate Luck Dragons.[1] Who better to personify the day than the quintessential Luck Dragon, Falkor?

Once upon a time, in the land of Fantastica,[2] a Neverending Story plays out against a backdrop of impending doom and surprising heroics. Through the midst of this tale flies a Dragon extraordinaire: Falkor.

Michael Erde, the author of The Neverending Story, displayed typical cultural Dragon bias in his depiction of Falkor. He made it very clear that this was no ordinary Westie, all reptile scales and leathern wings (and a vile disposition, to boot). No, Falkor was limned from an Oriental mold, where Luck Dragons had been a part of locale history and lore for centuries.

Chinese Luck Dragon

This great white Dragon was a wingless, sinuous flier, soft and supple, fluffy-verging-on-cute, and not a little unlike a giant, loyal, golden retriever.

Falkor & Atreyu

If needs be, Falkor was willing to sacrifice himself to save the questing hero, Atreyu, and, in turn Fantastica. And yet, his greatest gift was not blood spilt for the noble cause, but the invincible magic flowing from his refusal to ever give up hope.

In these troubled times, when we can all use a little hope, nothing is more comforting and right than to celebrate such a wondrous being!

Go out, find your own Falkor, and make a wish. Then hold tight!

Announcements: Sharpen your pencils! The last week in October is Tell a Dragon Tale Week. To all you scribes out there, we’ll be welcoming short draconic fiction (no more than 1000 words) here at Dragonsnest from the 24th to Samhain!

[1] We’re running a bit late here at Dragonsnest, but the enchantments assure me their temporal sense is fluid enough to accommodate any discrepancies with the calendar.

[2] A k a Fantasia to those of our friends familiar with the movie, not the book.