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It’s October 4th ~ Kiss A Dragon Day!

It also happens to be the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. No small coincidence that.

I have always found that a person’s relationship to Dragons mirrors their relationship to the rest of the world. This was never more evident than during the Dark Times. Your average knight and local hero were military individuals who approached the world from a joust-first-ask-questions-later POV. To them, Dragons were just another enemy needing to be neutralized. Royal gratitude and the hand of fair maid were mere icing on the medieval cake. Many saints of the time were not much better. Despite their tonsured piety, more than a few started out as legionnaires or crusaders.

St George ~ Carpaccio

George of Cappadocia, for example, was a Roman soldier from a long line of
Roman soldiers. Though he became a priest later in life, at the time of his
draconic tête-à-tête, George was far more familiar with a sword than a psalter.

But then there was Francis. Though he spent some time as a man-at-arms, he looked at the world in all its wonderful diversity, saw our interconnectivity on a truly metaphysical level, and embraced it. Dragons included.

St Francis ~ Bellini embellished.

So it is only right to go out on St Francis’s day and kiss a Dragon!

A couple of words to the eager yet inexperienced dracophile: For safety’s sake you might want to make that “Kiss Your Dragon” or at least, “Kiss A Dragon You Know.” Most Dragons are not averse to affection, but, as with any wild creature, you don’t want to force yourself on them uninvited. And keep plenty of lip balm on hand, just in case.

Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky!