COVID Critter 5-11-21


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“Listen: You’re fed up with safety precautions. Me, too. It’s been over a year and that feels like an eternity. I get it.

But it’s not just about you. It’s not just about me.

I’m talking All Wings on Deck Time.

So stop being selfish and thinking me-me-me-short-term. Get a vaccine when you can, and be careful. That’s the way forward for all of us. If you can’t do that, just stand back. Far back.”

COVID Critter 5-10-21


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“I may be a day late for the Hallmark holiday, but I still want to say thanks to all the mums – and dads – who have kept us little ones safe through these hard times. I promise to wash my paws regularly and keep my mask on for as long as I must.”

COVID Critter 5-7-21


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“It’s getting warmer, greener. And all you humans are out and about. I know things are getting better for many of you, but I think I’ll just stay up here, keep my distance. Just to be sure.”

COVID Critter 5-6-21


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“A big hand for all the scientists and medical workers – and yes, those smart politicians – who are helping get us out of this virus mess. Thank you!

Now, can you do something about the melting ice caps? PLEASE!!”