Tarot & Symbols: A Passion for Dragons – 7.30.2022


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My Tarot of Dragons draw for today is The Chariot.

I have been surprised by some passionate dracophiles taking umbrage at this Chariot, believing it belittles Dragons and portrays them as subservient to a human. (Great Dragon forbid!) As symbols speak to us in very subjective ways, I acknowledge that interpretation while strongly disagreeing with it.

Anyone who knows me knows this could not be farther from the truth of this Chariot’s meaning. Dragons and humans can work in concert, especially if that human is, like the Yellow Lord, himself divine. The Dragons’ relationship to the Yellow Lord is one of mutual respect. Deities to deity, they are equals aiding, not serving. This is their choice, to give wild honor to the civilization the Lord carries within him. Yet, as the Lord knows, their assistance is conditional: if he does not live up to their rigorous draconic standards, they will leave him in the twitch of a wyvern’s tail.

The Dragons, black and white, yin and yang, are a reminder that, though feeling wildly self-confident—and perhaps rightly so—boldness should be tempered with intellect and integrity. Moving forward, use brain over brawn, let will and reason govern your actions. Be respectful of greater powers—you are but human, after all. And, as days unfold and the unexpected crops up, give the dragons their heads. Trust their balance and wisdom to lead where you need to go.

Let Loose the Dragons!


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Spread the word:

Tarot of Dragons has been officially released!

Orders are winging their way to bookstores and mailboxes around the world.

Unfortunately, signing a Tarot deck isn’t as easy as signing a book, it being cellophane-wrapped and all, but should anyone like a signed bookplate for their deck, feel free to message me.  

And, if you are so inclined, a few words by way of review, especially on places like Amazon and Goodreads, would garner this author’s eternal draconic appreciation.

More Dragons and Tarot


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Let the Fool’s Journey Begin by Shawn MacKenzie

(originally published by Karen R. Sanderson https://karenrsanderson.wordpress.com/2022/05/22/let-the-fools-journey-begin%EF%BF%BC)

We are all Fools, starting our journey through life

with a faithful leap into the unknown.

May the wind catch our wings and the Tarot guide us on our way.

When a project reaches its end-stage and publication looms like Smaug over the Lonely Mountain of Erebor, jumbles of emotions begin to stir. It’s a regular salmagundi of excitement, relief, joy, topped off with a generous dollop of dread. This describes to a T how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks as the launch date for my Tarot of Dragons gets close enough to touch. And, personally, I can’t wait to do just that.

In anticipation of this—and to appease the butterflies in my stomach—I thought I’d offer a glimpse into Tarot of Dragons’ companion book, Wisdom from the Dragon Realms.

While the bulk of the book focuses on interpretations of the Major and Minor Arcana, it also includes a brief history of the Tarot, a discussion on whether to invert cards or not (I choose ‘not,’ especially when draconic energy is thrown into the mix), and Tarot basics, from first touch to readings, simple and complex. After all, to work with the Tarot is to embark upon the Fool’s Journey; and every traveler can use a few guideposts along the way. Especially if you are new to Dragon Country, the Tarot, or both.

So, today, I want to talk about a few of the earliest guideposts on your way. 

Pleasures of Acquisition

Some people say that Tarot cards take on an added aura when gifted. It’s a nice idea and that’s how I got my first deck, decades ago. And it was certainly special for the giving. But through the years, I have added numerous decks to my collection, some were presents from friends and family, some I gifted to myself. Today there are so many decks available through traditional publishers and Kickstarter projects that I find being my own personal Gift Dragon is the most expedient way to get a deck. Especially if it’s one I am eager to lay my hands on. I find Un-birthdays—or Un-Hatching Days—provide a perfectly ubiquitous excuse for such gifting. So, treat yourself and enjoy.

Care and Feeding of Your Tarot

The Tarot is a tool for bridging our inner and outer worlds. And how should you care for such a tool? With respect, of course. 

I was taught that the best way to keep one’s cards was to wrap them in silk and place them in a special box or pouch. This would safeguard their energy. Now, this was back in the day when Tarot cards came in flimsy little boxes like regular playing cards. They practically cried out for extra protection. Times have changed; now many decks, including Tarot of Dragons, come in sturdy, elegant boxes, perfect for long-term storage. (I still use wooden boxes for my favorite decks. Old habits die hard.) 

Box or pouch, wood or cardboard, velvet or silk, the choice is yours. The important thing is that you treat your cards with the care and deference they deserve. To that end, don’t leave them lying about where your cat can chew on the corners or an oblivious guest watermark them with their cup of tea. 

The Tarot must also be fed. When you bring home your new deck in its pristine, cellophane-wrapped box, it’s a mystical tabula rasa just waiting for your personal imprint. A new deck is hungry to be claimed, and you need to feed it with your energy to make it your own. How you go about this is up to you. Some people do this through repeated use—also the best way to get acquainted with unfamiliar cards. For myself, I will put a new deck under my pillow and sleep on it for a few days, let my dreams seep into them. After all, Dreams and the Tarot both navigate the land of symbols. They speak the same language. Naturally, if I am not sleeping well or having bad dreams…well, that’s like dining on magic mushrooms instead of chanterelles. Not exactly lethal, but the energy can be unreliable.

So, guideposts are erected—initial markers to consider when getting a new Tarot deck, be it your first of your thirtieth, my Tarot of Dragons or your long-awaited kickstarter deck. To help you on your Fool’s Journey. 

Safe travels, my friends.

Note: Since penning this, I was surprised by the arrival of my advance author’s copies of TofD. Reality strikes and it is as beautiful as I could have imagined. Thank you, Firat and everyone at Llewellyn.

Author’s bio:

Shawn MacKENZIE (Southern Vermont) is a life-long student of the strange and mysterious—myths, arts, religions, sciences, the occult—as well as all creatures, seen and unseen, real, cryptic, great, and small. In addition to Tarot of Dragons, she’s the author of The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook (OP), Dragons for BeginnersLlewellyn’s Little Book of Dragons, as well as numerous essays and fictions. Minnesotan by birth, she now lives in the shadow of the Green Mountains with nine cats, two rats, and an Amazon parrot. They are a constant inspiration. Working with the Tarot has been an integral part of her life for more than forty years. 

The Tarot of Dragons will hit bookstores in June and is currently available to preorder from LlewellynAmazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores and occult stores, large and small, everywhere.