COVID Critter 8-3-21


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“And she’s off!”

“So, what did you promise the hawk to fly to the sea?”

“Actually, Ivan, I told her the message was COD.”

“Oh, Boris. The Manner Beaver will be angry.”

“Spoots, Ivan. I say ‘Spoots !’ to that!”

COVID Critter 8-2-21


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“Ooo, guys, yeah. Boris-Ivan-Otto! Yeah. Flat-tail is sooo right: Hawks, eagles, perfect. Flyin’ high. Oooo, love to be that high, wouldn’t you? I mean, imagine the view, eh? And they can just swoop down and—Wheee!”

“Oh dear, Boris. I think Clyde’s been hitting the mushrooms again?”

COVID Critter 8-1-21


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“Well, Boris, if you were to ask this beaver, I’d say forget the marmots. For messages, always send a hawk – high-flying fire avoiders, and very fast. Or an eagle, but they can be a little beak-y.”

“Beaver-rum-ruh, yum-rum. Right?”

“Otto, manners aside, no one can understand you with your mouth full.”

COVID Critter 7-31-21


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“Otto, where have you been?”

“I bumped into Alan on my way down. He said to tell you, Boris, that the marmots are on strike. NO messages for YOU! “

Well, that puts a crimp in our RSVP etiquette.”

“Personally, I think he’s turning into a bit of a yawp-Nazi.”

COVID Critter 7-30-21


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“Now here’s a question for you, Ivan: Do we have to reply to the coast invite or, given the distance and fires and such, is a non-answer answer enough?”

“Oh, Boris, that’s a real etiquette quandary, that is. Could always ask Otto.”

“Right. And we know what he’d say.”

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh, Boris!”

COVID Critter 7-29-21


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“How are you feeling, Boris? Need more pebble play?”

“No, I’m good, Ivan. Thank you, thank you. This was a great idea. Nothing like a little river time to ease the mind and raise the spirits.”

“Any plans sprouting?”

“Nope…But it’s early yet…”

COVID Critter 7-28-21


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“Awww, Boris. So sorry your Utterly Otter plans fell through.”

“Me, too, Ivan. It’s so depressing, you know?”

“Yeh, I know. Hey…I’ve got this great stone collection. Let’s grab Otto and go down to the river. A little pebble play always cheers you up. Maybe stir up some new ideas.”

“Ahhh… Thanks, Ivan.”

COVID Critter 7-27-21


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“Why so pensive, Boris?”

“I just had a confab with Alan. It’s a no-go with our coastal cousins. Seems my timing was off. Something about urchins and tending the kelp forests. They invited us to join them, though. What do you think, Ivan?”

“Ah… All that uni umami on a spike shell. Bit rich for my tastes.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

“Plus, the ravens say half of the Northwest is on fire. I can smell it in the morning air.”

COVID Critter 7-26-21


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“Hey Ivan, did you catch the flock of ravens in the meadow this morning? Wonder what that was about.”

“Don’t know Otto, but it looked like a regular conspiracy to me.”

“Oh, ha-ha, Ivan. Very funny.”

COVID Critter 7-25-21


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“Alan, Alan…I was dreaming in the sun, my mind was scheming

How to trick the wolfens sniff, sniffing ’round our mountain door.

When, through my rock, I heard a tapping, and I eyed a Raven rapping

With a message from the otters on a distant shore.”

“Stop channeling your inner-Edgar, Felix, and get to the point.”

“Ok, ok. Here’s the skinny….”